Robert & Gwyneth

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Step Out Together Looking 'Lovey-Dovey': Source


So it seems Robert DID have a “second” party on Sunday. And this picture was originally posted on Sunday:

So this might actually really mean that he is growing the beard back! And I read today that Scarlett was supposedly seen on Tuesday shooting Avengers 2 in the UK.

And I am just thinking; Maybe he’s even already here? And I don’t know? OMG!

Ancora belle notizie!!!!!!!!!!!

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[Fanfiction] Pepperony: Not From Me.


"Pepper, for the last time, I’m not going behind your back and cheat—" Tony tried to explain to his furious and angry girlfriend, as they walked around the house.

Pepper clutched the loose bit of hot rod red fabric in her hands shoved it in his face. Her brows were slanted down, and her eyes…


Great job!